Conquest Group is a long-standing family owned business based at Dalwallinu in Western Australia’s wheatbelt region.

Proven in the World’s Toughest Environment.

Remote, arid and rugged, Western Australia puts engineering to the test like no other place on Earth. Mining corporations face challenging natural conditions combined with high wages and strict work place health and safety regulations, requiring uninterrupted production to remain competitive.Farmers face minimal windows for seeding and harvesting, fraught with risk of frost, flooding and drought; to them, work efficiencies differing by minutes can mean make or break. Construction companies face increasingly extreme weather events, legal standards and building warranties that demand long-term planning and nothing but the most reliable solutions.

It’s in this environment that Conquest have made a name.

The Rise Of Conquest Group

Back in 2006, our SMP solutions had caught the attention of mobile plant OEMs, and we were asked to produce designs that would add value in the arguably most demanding industry sector of all: mining. Keeping a functional focus, we created a range of access products that made for quick and easy delivery and installation whilst remaining safe and practical throughout every aspect of operations. Everything from choice of materials to dimensions and articulation points was based not on what existing solutions looked like, but on careful considerations of what would actually work in the long term.

Our methodological approach quickly attracted additional talent to Conquest, and we soon found ourselves receiving inquiries from other industries. Today we have grown to become the Conquest Group, and we are now consulting and delivering right across the mining, agricultural and construction sectors.

Modular Systems And Solutions

Conquest Group’s industry divisions serve clients with proprietary solutions and ready-to-install modular systems that take their entire reality into account. This not only includes innovations that provide a competitive edge; it also includes consistently delivering to specifications, and on time – because not even the most ingenious product is of any use if you don’t have it when it’s needed.

We know that, where you work, you can’t leave anything to chance.

At Conquest Group we live by our values, mission and vision statements.

  • Mission Statement

    To provide a positive and creative environment that promotes teamwork and inspiration, building conditions where all team members and clientele can excel in achieving their personal and corporate goals and potential.

  • Vision Statement

    Conquest Group is committed to be the first choice in our industries, for innovation, customer service and value for money, by providing ingenious and intelligent engineering solutions

  • Our Values

    • Honesty
    • Teamwork Integrity
    • Loyalty
    • Innovation
    • Passion
    • Accountability

Community Support

Conquest Group is an active member of the Dalwallinu community. We understand the importance of local community and organisations that make a difference. Conquest Group proudly supports regional charities, schools and sporting groups.