Bunded Diesel Tanks

Bunded Diesel Tanks

Looking for a portable, fully compliant bunded diesel tank to store your petroleum?

Conquest Group has followed strict standards from the tanks’ design through to manufacture for easy handling and transportation. With load lifting eyes, forklift pockets and internal baffles, the tanks can be shifted empty or full. You can legally stack two high when full or three high when empty for 30,000 litre capacity tanks and smaller.

The protective galvanised framework prevents damage to the tank, paintwork and decals. The tanks are sized for economical transportation inside shipping containers and across truck beds. When in location, the tanks are secured with a lockable access hatch to house electric or hand pumps and the feed and return connections for up to three generators. The access manhole makes it possible to maintain and inspect the inner tank.

The fully bunded steel in steel has a 110% bund capacity that meets environmental requirements and complies with AS1940 and AS1692. All tanks meet the Office of Road Safety specifications including the transport of dangerous goods.

Model Capacity (L) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
5BD 500 850 H
1,150 W
1,150 L
399 E
905 F
10BD 959 1,320 H
1,150 W
1,150 L
514 E
1,377 F
20BD 2,000 1,320 H
1,150 W
2,300 L
865 E
2,665 F
30BD 3,000 1,320 H
1,550 W
2,300 L
992 E
3,692 F
44BD 4,450 1,270 H
2,260 W
2,070 L
1,200 E
5,276 F
67BD 6,705 1,320 H
2,240 W
3,320 L
2,420 E
7,400 F
115BD 11,500 1,280 H
2,260 W
5,750 L
4,050 E
125BD 12,560 2,900 H
2,440 W
3,050 L
4,300 E
324BD 32,400 2,900 H
2,440 W
6,100 L
6,900 E
694BD 69,400 2,900 H
2,440 W
12,190 L
12,750 E
1040BD 104,000 3,200 H
2,700 W
14,630 L
17,300 E

Conquest Group also makes custom sized bunded diesel tanks. Let us know your dimensions and requirements and we’ll provide a quote.

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