Mechanical Plant Platforms

Mechanical Plant Platforms

The construction of the roof of your building is usually just the beginning of ongoing works. During a building’s design and construction phase, often little thought is given to how the roof will house fixed plant equipment. There’s even less consideration on how the equipment will be safely accessed and maintained.

Researching the Downfall of Rooves

In 2006 we undertook a research journey to discover the full extent of roof problems. In the UK wooden structures were lightweight but were prone to rot and leached tannins which could destroy the roof. In France steel platforms and walkways might last forever but the roof was crumbling because of the weight and numerous perforations. Some rooves in the US were massive fortifications to take the tonnes of weight. In Australia we saw foot traffic destroy rooves and unsafe walkways with corrosion and leaks.

The study made us realise that successful platforms and walkways:

  • Transfers the loads to the building structure rather than the roof sheeting.
  • Uses lightweight but sturdy materials
  • Has minimal or no roof penetrations
  • Enough clearance underneath for debris to wash off
  • Ensures that roof cladding warranties are valid

Conquest Group designed a range of modular access and platform systems in marine grade aluminium that could keep workers’ safe without causing any damage to the roof or building. Our design quickly attracted enquiries from architects and builders across the construction industry.

We now consult, design, engineer and install mechanical plant platforms for a wide range of industries.

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