Windrow Chute

Windrow Chute

Weed management is forecast to be the biggest factor in farming success in the future. Studies have shown narrow windrow burning (NWB) as a cheap and efficient technique to kill seeds without building herbicide resistance – provided you reach the required temperatures.

Ryegrass and wild radish seeds need to be heated to 400°C and 500°C respectively for at least 10 seconds to be successful. This can only be achieved in narrow, bulky windrows which puts a range of demands on the windrow chute.

You’ll be harvesting low, so the increased trash load can’t impede wind flow for grain separation. You’ll want to keep your ground speed up without causing blockages, so being able to adjust chute angles and opening width to trash levels is key. Plus, you want a chute that is lightweight, easy to handle and can be used for chaff-lining as well as windrowing.

It’s a matter of precision engineering; a chute that works well with one harvester model could cause major issues in another. Drawing on many years of experience, Conquest Group specialises in model-specific chutes that tick all the boxes to give you efficient, trouble-free windrowing.

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    Features of the Conquest Windrow Chute