Mobile Plant

Mobile Plant

As opposed to other industries, workplace health and safety in mining is governed by the detailed policies of individual states, territories and mining companies. Each make and model of mobile plant also comes with its own set of warranties, which may be voided if superstructures place undue stress on the plant. Add company-specific SOPs, and it’s obvious that the designs of mobile plant platforms, handrails and access systems must meet exceptional demands simply in order to adhere to regulations.

And now we’re only talking base requirements. Ensuring optimal safety and uninterrupted production asks for so much more. It asks for a deep understanding of the actual realities on site.

Conquest Group has worked with mobile plant OEMs and mining companies right across Australia since 2006. Drawing on our extensive experience of all aspects of mining operations, we employ the latest 3D software and manufacturing technologies in creating a range of products that make for quick and easy delivery and installation whilst remaining durable, safe and practical.

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